Sage HalfMATS

Mobile Air Transfer System

Easily transfer patients for OR specialty procedures.

New Sage HalfMATS Mobile Air Transfer System

We understand specialty procedures can have unique challenges. You shouldn’t have to worry when you transfer surgical patients from surface to surface in the OR. That’s why we designed HalfMATS to fit seamlessly into your workflow and address your transfer needs during specialty procedures so you can achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Addresses your transfer needs during OR specialty procedures (e.g., lithotomy and orthopedic)

  • Patient placement positioning (Breakline) ensures proper placement of the patient to promote workflow efficiency

  • Integrated Head Support inflates to provide comfort and support for the head and neck1

  • Quick Connect Valve provides an easy, secure connection and a quick release

  • Hose Protection Sleeve helps protect hose from environmental contamination

  • Microclimate Management Pad effectively absorbs and locks in moisture to protect patient’s skin while allowing air to flow through1

  • Imaging capability is acceptable for use in MRI*, X-Ray, CT Scan, and ultrasounds2

Sage Prevalon HEPA Filter

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