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Journey to Zero

Protect healthcare workers
from becoming patients


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Invest in your staff.
Deliver for your patients.

The Journey to Zero program can help create a culture of safety that benefits your patients, nurses, and your organization. The program offers products and services to help improve safe patient handling and nurse safety while addressing staffing issues.

Building a culture of safety starts with reducing injury risk. Our goal is to achieve zero harm for healthcare workers – which helps improve retention rates and outcomes and makes hospitals a safer place for everyone.


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The mission of the Journey to Zero program

Real stories about the importance of nurse safety

Why aren’t we protecting our healthcare workers?

Services and products

The Journey to Zero program includes customized services and specialized assistive devices to help reduce the risk of injury and improve outcomes.


Assessments and benchmarking icon

Assessments and benchmarking

Prior to implementation, your dedicated sales representative will work with staff to accurately define current practices and determine goals.

Ongoing education and leadership workshops icon

Ongoing education and leadership workshops

In addition to product demonstrations, we offer educational opportunities to help staff gain knowledge and skills on a variety of topics.

Utilization and outcome tracking icon

Utilization and outcome tracking

Post-implementation, we’ll help you assess your utilization rates and patient outcomes, and track your return on investment.

AirTAP LC Lift Compatible Patient Repositioning System

Advancing mobility with convenience and confidence

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Prevalon AirTAP Patient Repositioning System

Safe positioning for healthcare workers and patients

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Prevalon Turn and Position System (TAP) 2.0

Turn and position patients safely and reduce the risk factors for skin injury

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Prevalon Mobile Air Transfer System (MATS)

Safely and easily transfer patients

Learn more

Prevalon Seated Positioning System (SPS)

Promote early patient mobility and reduce risk factors for injury

Learn more

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Healthcare worker back injury

Pain shouldn’t be part of the job

Healthcare is experiencing a nursing crisis. The national nursing shortage has put frontline workers at risk for injury while they struggle to deliver patient care. Many are leaving the profession and those years of wisdom can’t be replaced. A lack of workplace safety for nurses can directly impact patient outcomes.

Weight icon

1.8 tons
is lifted by the
average nurse
every day1

Back pain icon

of nurses suffer
chronic back pain

according to
an ANA survey2

Hospital icon

of hospitals reported
an RN vacancy rate
exceeding 10%3

Patient icon

of caregiver injuries
are caused by
overexertion or bodily
reaction often related to
patient handling4

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