Ortho Guidance
versatile hip software


Versatile hip surgical planning and guidance software powered by Ortho Q Guidance system

Versatile hip software is highly customizable to each surgeon and patient case to help you achieve consistent results in cup/stem positioning and leg length/femoral offset determinations – all while optimizing OR workflow and time.



Through precise OR guidance, visualization and data analytics, versatile hip software aims to enhance clinical outcomes for THA utilizing the proprietary active optical tracking technology that’s helped make us the industry technology leader in orthopaedic navigation.


Features and benefits

  • Open, agnostic implant platform
  • Multiple user options and customization
  • Consistently reproducible cup/stem positioning and leg length/femoral offset determinations
  • Intra-operative and post-implantation assessment of joint stability and ROM
  • Pin-less comparison of pre-op leg length to intra-op trial and final implants
  • Automatic and semi-automatic processing
  • Sophisticated anatomical algorithms
  • Intuitive ease of use


Named “versatile” for a reason

Enhance your surgical experience by choosing from an array of flexible options to suit your work style and case.

  • Implant choice, stem type, head type
  • Three reference planes for pelvis registration/cup alignment
  • Custom workflow; navigate cup, stem or both
  • Supine, lateral or lateral decubitus patient positioning
  • Posterior, direct anterior/superior and lateral surgical approaches
  • Registration whether patient is fully or partially prepped
  • Leg length reference via tracker or skin marker

Align, ream and reduce
with confidence

Numerous features and data analytics help inform accurate decisions for added confidence.

  • Live feedback on depth to fovea and hip center change
  • Tracks alignment with inclination/anteversion and insertion depth
  • Stem optimization auto-calculates best combinations of leg length, medialization/lateralization and leg offset
  • Comparison of trial-to-final reduction
  • Joint stability
  • Range of motion

Acetabular reaming

Cup insertion

Femoral broaching/stem insertion


Enhancing your surgical experience

Our software is designed to create a simple, intuitive system that helps mitigate complex surgical variables.

  • Anatomical, functional and patient/table reference planes and registration options
  • Automatic and semi-automatic processing provides a multitude of vital anatomical metrics
  • Pin-less leg length determination
  • Inclination/anteversion feedback for all implant systems
  • PDF case report for saved patient files

Lateral patient/OR table referencing helps:

  • Compensate for patient-specific pelvic tilt
  • Functionally align cup with true coronal plane of patient in standing position
  • Eliminate need to digitize the downside ASIS

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