Ortho Guidance precision knee software


Precision knee surgical planning and guidance software powered by Ortho Q Guidance system

Precision knee software’s guidance, visualization and data analytics support confident decisions surrounding alignment/orientation of instruments, trials and implants, and balancing soft tissue – all while enabling less invasive TKA techniques.




Precision knee software is rooted in the proprietary active optical tracking technology that’s helped make us the industry technology leader in orthopaedic navigation1, providing numerous features designed to help optimize OR workflow and time, TKA procedural outcomes and your surgical experience.


Features and benefits

  • Open, agnostic implant platform
  • Rapid registration
  • Automatic and semi-automatic processing
  • Sophisticated anatomical algorithms
  • Ability to run active trackers/pointers
  • MIS jig for less invasive approach
  • Pre-, peri- and post-implantation assessment of joint kinematics
  • Intuitive ease of use



Less invasive:
Helps minimize risk

  • MIS jig for distal femur/proximal tibia alignment/resection and femoral rotation
  • Limits anchoring devices; patient trackers attach to fixation plate
  • No additional skin incisions; navigation tracker pins placed on articular surface
  • Eliminates need for intramedullary guide


Enhancing workflow efficiency

  • Fit analysis; real-time display of visuals and numerics
  • Automatic implant positioning/sizing, including virtual downsize
  • Reactive workflow auto advances through screens by tracker position
  • Pre-and post-operative comparisons of maximum flexion/extension and varus/valgus values provide intra-operative range of motion analysis
  • Gap balancing shows flexion/extension gaps before femoral resections
  • Cut-check verification of distal femoral/proximal tibia resections without requiring an anatomy survey

Automatic implant sizing per patient

Computer-generated implant positioning

Rotational and flexion/extension cutting plane alignment


Intra-op assessment of varus/valgus deformity, laxity and alignment; range of motion; and knee joint stability.


Patient-specific analytics

  • Virtual model of patient’s knee helps you tailor surgical approach
  • Proven reproducibility of good alignment/positioning2
  • Data and visuals to inform decisions
  • Virtual cut planning/locations prior to actual execution
  • Notifies you of potential anterior cortex notching before cut is made
  • Surgeon confirmation/safety checks built in
  • Helps you assess kinematics, resection levels and soft tissue balancing
Proven benefits of surgical guidance

95% accuracy reproducing mechanical axis of knee in TKA2 compared to 73% for conventional instrumentation3

Optimizes implant alignment to promote improved patient outcomes4

Can help combat anterior femoral notching which occurs in 3.5-26.9% of conventional TKAs5

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