Trevo Trak 21


Further, faster, for every case

Making a difference by going distal with ease

You want a microcatheter that reliably gets you to the clot and helps simplify the procedure. That’s why we’re introducing the Trevo Trak 21 Microcatheter. The Trevo Trak 21 Microcatheter delivers all sizes of Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever for thrombectomy procedures. It’s designed to reliably reach distal neurovasculature with its extra-long 162cm length, while providing support for aspiration catheters. This .021in ID microcatheter is compatible with all Trevo NXT sizes while maintaining a low clot crossing profile. 

Highly trackable microcatheter designed for thecombination technique.

Delivery of all Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever sizes simplifies compatibility.

Product specifications and compatibility


  Length Inner diameter Distal outer diameter Proximal outer diameter
90338 162 cm 0.021 in 2.4 F (0.031 in) 2.7 F (0.035 in)


Recommend usage with:
Trevo NXT 3x32
Trevo NXT 4x28
Trevo NXT 4x41
Trevo NXT 6x37

Techniques and portfolio

Combination techniques



A)    Trevo NXT
               ProVue Retriever

B)    Trevo Trak 21

C)    CAT 7
               Distal Access Catheter

D)    FlowGate2
               Balloon Guide Catheter

E)    AXS Vecta 74
              Intermediate Catheter

F)    AXS Infinity LS Plus
        Long Sheath