Trevo NXT

ProVue Retriever

Take thrombectomy to the next level

Feel the difference with smooth retrieval

Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever is the next generation of the Trevo evolution, now optimized for combination technique use with aspiration catheters. We’ve kept the same highly effective Trevo stent, designed to reduce disability in patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke (AIS) up to 24 hours from time last seen well by removing clots to restore blood flow in the brain. We’ve incorporated the new TriGlide Delivery Wire, for smoother and easier delivery and retraction into the aspiration catheter. 


The responsive TriGlide Delivery Wire makes using the Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever feel easy, so you can work with speed to get to and remove the clot.

A) Trevo XP ProVue Retriever: Bare stainless steel coil
B) Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever: Smooth hydrophilically coated polymer jacket

With the Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever, you can now deliver the full range of Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever sizes through the new Trevo Trak 21 Microcatheter without compromising on the stent design you trust.

Trevo retrievers are designed to maximize clot integration and provide meaningful procedure guidance with full-length radiopacity.

Clinical evidence

7,000+ patients have been studied across RCT's, registries, and observational studies.*

Retriever timeline_2023

Multicenter, randomized clinical trial comparing MT in addition to guideline approved medical management with medical management alone. Showed 32.6% of MT treated patients had functional independence at 90 days vs. 19.1% in the control group (primary endpoint).5

DAWN Trial:
Randomized, open-label trial compared Trevo Retriever thrombectomy plus standard medical care with standard medical care alone for patients up to 24 hours from symptom onset. 49% of patients in the treatment arm were functionally independent at 90 days vs. 13% in the control group (primary endpoint).7

Trevo Retriever Registry:
Prospective, post-market, global study to evaluate reperfusion at endof procedure and functional outcomes at 90 days in patients treated with Trevo Retriever. Results from the 2008 patients show TICI 2b/3 in 92.8% of patients with functional independence at 90 days in 55.3%.8

* Studies conducted using Trevo XP which has been shown to be substantially equivalent to Trevo NXT.

Economic value


Is it cost effective to treat elderly and late-stage stroke patients with mechanical thrombectomy?

Elderly stroke patients11,12
Based on the data from five large RCTs, mechanical thrombectomy + standard medical care (SC) is cost-effective in patients aged 50-100, from a health care societal perspective. 

Billing and reimbursement information


Hospital reimbursement payment trends for mechanical thrombectomy


Product specifications and compatibility

Same proven stent

Large cells, tailored radial force, tubular design, for consistent integration

New TriGlide Delivery Wire
Nitinol core wire with hydrophilically coated polymer jacket reduces friction

New longer 200cm nitinol delivery wire
for compatibility with tri-axial setups


  Stent diameter Labeled length Stent length Device length Wire diameter
90312 3 32 mm 36 mm 200 cm 0.015 in
90313 4 28 mm 32 mm 200 cm 0.019 in
90314 4 41 mm 44 mm 200 cm 0.019 in
90315 6 37 mm 40 mm 200 cm 0.019 in


Trevo NXT ProVue Retriever Compatible microcatheter
3x32 Trevo Pro 14 Microcatheter
Trevo Trak 21 Microcatheter
4x28 Trevo Trak 21 Microcatheter
4x41 Trevo Trak 21 Microcatheter
6x37 Trevo Trak 21 Microcatheter

Techniques and portfolio

TriVecta™ technique



A)    AXS Universal
               Aspiration System

B)    AXS Infinity LS Plus
               Long Sheath

C)    AXS Vecta 74
              Intermediate Catheter

D)    Trevo NXT
               ProVue Retriever

       Trevo Trak 21

Trap technique



A)    Trevo NXT
                ProVue Retriever

          Trevo Trak 21

B)    AXS Catalyst 7
               Distal Access Catheter

C)    FlowGate2
               Balloon Guide Catheter

D)    AXS Universal
               Aspiration System

Additional resources

Trevo/TRAP animation video