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Two doctors and a nurse discuss patient data using the LIFENET System data and asset management system

Better data. Better performance.

Stryker's data solutions help make it faster and easier to share information, collaborate and generate insights to help improve operational effectiveness and team communication.

Integrated data solutions so you can deliver better care

An unmatched set of data tools helps connect and accelerate caregiving teams to empower better decisions and enabled improved team mobilization. Choose the solution that meets your clinical and operational needs.

The LIFENET System
Data and asset management system


Smoother communication. Faster care. Stronger teams.

The LIFENET System is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that provides information and tools EMS and hospital teams need to work together seamlessly. Access and share critical patient data for STEMI patients, stroke patients and other time-sensitive emergencies. Quickly and easily obtain consultations from remote clinicians and activate care teams across your organization. Rapidly distribute post-event review insights and manage your LIFEPAK device fleet-wide with innovative tools that help save time and empower improvement.

The LIFENET System data and asset management system shown on a computer screen
The LIFENET Care patient data communication platform show on a computer screen

Stryker's next-generation patient data communication platform.

Get a more unified view of your patient's journey on a modern, clean interface. LIFENET Care helps make it easier to consolidate patient data, organize your workflow and connect care teams.

Data review software and service


The insights you need to drive improved performance and patient outcomes.

Identify and quickly make targeted improvements when you can easily understand team performance immediately after a response. CODE-STAT software gives you precision access to relevant, detailed CPR and resuscitation performance data to help you monitor and improve response. Customized reports deliver actionable information back to your teams for improvement.

With CODE-STAT data review service, you gain access to all the data and functionalities of your CODE-STAT software along with the ease of expert annotations. CODE-STAT data review service matches you with an expert clinical annotator to determine target metrics, design reports and return CPR reports quickly.

Two medical professionals review data using the CODE-STAT data review software
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Speed deployment and develop confident users faster so you can start improving and making the most of your healthcare software investment.

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