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Bystander tends to sudden cardiac arrest victim

Be ready

If a sudden cardiac emergency strikes one of your employees, customers or visitors, are you prepared to help save a life? 

Be prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest — even before EMS arrives.

An AED program is a critical link in the chain of survival, empowering you to deliver lifesaving intervention before an EMS team arrives. With more than a million AEDs deployed globally, Stryker offers diverse options and deep expertise to help you choose the right device and cost-effectively manage your AED program.
Be ready for the unthinkable
Be ready for the unthinkable
An AED is an essential public safety device that can help someone survive in an emergency. Your AED should always be at the ready.
Find the perfect fit
Find the perfect fit
There are many AED products on the market. Learn which products and solutions are best for your organization.
Manage and maintain your AEDs
Manage and maintain your AEDs 
An effective AED program helps to ensure that your AEDs and trained staff are ready to save a life at any time. Learn how Stryker makes it easy to own, manage and maintain your AEDs.
A rare genetic condition caused Bennett Hart’s heart to stop three times between the ages of 8 and 15. Watch how this determined student athlete overcomes every obstacle with the support of his friends and family.


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Pay it forward
Forward Hearts lets survivors of a sudden cardiac arrest event pay it forward and potentially save another life by donating an automated external defibrillator (AED) to the organization of the survivor's choice.
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