Battery Powered Screwdriver

Designed for drilling pilot holes and placing screws.

Power at your fingertips.

We designed the VariSpeed battery powered screwdriver for the insertion of 1.2-2.3mm screws in neurosurgical and craniofacial surgery and for insertion of self-drilling taps of a 1.7 mm and 2.2 mm diameter. The device is also indicated for drilling holes of up to 1.9 mm in diameter into the craniofacial bone or the skull of patients undergoing neurosurgery or craniofacial surgery. The touch controls allow for forward and reverse motion.

  • Validated for automated wash.

  • Features a maximum speed of 400rpm along with maximum torque of 1.0Nm.

  • Sensors allow for regulation of both speed and torque.

  • Robust design offers enhanced grip and hand positioning.

  • Sterile packaged, single use, battery pack.