Facial iD

Patient specific implants

Excellent anatomical fit and contour for your facial aesthetic and reconstructive needs.

Individually designed. Personalized care.

Whether you are looking for a midface or mandibular reconstructive solution or an implant to address aesthetic needs, our iD Solutions, Facial iD portfolio is designed to provide personalized results for your patient. Implants are individually designed with your patient’s CT data while you drive the artistry of the implant during a design session with one of our Design Engineers. Implants are available in a variety of materials including MEDPOR, PEEK (orbital rim, zygoma and adjacent bone) and titanium depending on the anatomical location and surgical preference. Provide your patients with an exceptional anatomical fit and enhanced aesthetic results.

  • Address your aesthetic needs with our patient specific MEDPOR midface and mandible implants.

  • Meet the individual needs of a patient undergoing mandibular reconstruction with our patient specific titanium implant. Through a collaborative design session, you have the ability to meet the individual needs of your patient by altering the screw placement, bar width and path of the plate.