SMARTLock Hybrid MMF

Maxillomandibular fixation device

A revolutionary patented product designed to combine the strength and rigidity of arch bars with the safety and efficiency of MMF screws.

A smart choice for MMF.

SMARTLock Hybrid MMF is a revolutionary system designed to establish preoperative occlusion and bone reduction. It combines elements of both arch bars and MMF screws in an effort to bring the standard of care for maxillomandibular fixation techniques into the 21st century.

  • Available in two sizes, each with nine potential points of fixation along the plate, posterior fixation and vector control are enhanced when compared to traditional MMF screws.

  • Plate and screw combo may improve OR efficiency compared to arch bars, while providing strong, stable anterior and posterior fixation.

  • Plate bender designed to navigate screw holes laterally to avoid tooth roots, while spacer tool is designed to help provide protection to soft tissue from pressure necrosis.

  • May eliminate the need for interdental wiring that is required with arch bars, thereby reducing the risk of wire stick injuries.

  • Patented locking screw technology helps create rigid plate to screw construct, minimizing the risk of screw back out.