Connected OR IP

Integration system

The Connected OR IP system provides intuitive user control of your connected devices, creating a future-ready integration platform with scalable 4K video routing, designed to increase efficiency in your operating room and to make your job easier.

Future-ready OR

  • 4K video routing today, ready for 8K and beyond
  • Modular, scalable and upgradeable
  • Platform for future growth
  • Plug & play functionality seamlessly connects your devices1

Delivers clinical value

  • Uncompressed video ensures pixel-perfect images
  • Connected device control improves efficiency and intraoperative workflow
  • Staff command the room from a centrally-located intuitive user interface1

Multiple install options

  • Available Zero Footprint OR reduces clutter and creates more space
  • Minimizes clinical impact and makes service easier
  • Customizable to meet your project needs1