Arise 1000 EX pressure relief bariatric mattress

Arise 1000 EX

Low air-loss bariatric surface

Pressure relief bariatric surface


Arise 1000 EX | Stryker

Arise 1000 EX at a glance

The Stryker Arise 1000 EX surface design and aesthetics provide versatile options for all patients. The surface can be customized to each patient with intuitive controls, and inflatable width and length air bladders. The combination of low air-loss and pulsation therapy help provide the best in patient care and wound healing. To maximize patient comfort during transports, the visco-elastic foam bottom helps prevent the patient from bottoming out.

  • Low air-loss
  • Maximum inflate
  • Pulsation therapy
  • Surface comfort adjustment

Product features

Bariatric mattress width and length are customizable


Surface width and length dimensions can be customized with intuitive controls.

Viscoelastic foam aids in bariatric patient comfort

Viscoelastic foam

To maximize patient comfort during transports, the viscoelastic foam bottom helps to prevent the patients from bottoming out.

Bariatric mattress includes air flow for increased patient comfort

Patient comfort

Pulsating feature oscillates air throughout the mattress every 30 seconds providing increased patient comfort.

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