Serving those in need — around the world and in our backyard



Partnerships, like the one we have with Operation Smile, allow us to advance healthcare through medical education initiatives as well as medical missions that directly serve those in need.


With our partners, we help alleviate suffering, restore function and bring hope to some of the most under-resourced people in the world. We are also focused on communities where our employees live and work. We look for opportunities to advance healthcare and support education and strengthen the vitality of the community.


Caring for people and planet

We are committed to operating in a responsible manner to deliver lasting social, environmental and economic value across our operations, products and services.

Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program is a shared responsibility, dedicated to identifying and eliminating hazards, managing risks and improving the overall quality of life for our employees and communities. Our collective efforts aim to promote a feeling of safety and security among our employees and make significant contributions toward preserving and protecting our planet.

“With success comes responsibility.”    


Kevin Lobo

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Creating smiles all over the world

The international medical charity Operation Smile has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities.

In addition to our product donations, which help Operation Smile deliver safe and effective surgical care for these young patients, our financial contributions help it expand surgical services and conduct targeted education programs for surgeons in countries that critically lack trained healthcare professionals and surgical specialists.

Building surgical capacity

Operation Smile has been able to leverage our support to expand educational and training programs for surgeons and maximize its impact on local health systems in marginalized communities across the globe.

To learn how our support helped triple the number of cleft care providers in Rwanda, visit

Providing crucial nonmedical support

We also sponsor groups of Stryker employees as nonmedical mission volunteers. In November 2017, eight employees traveled to Managua, Nicaragua, as part of a team of 97 volunteers from around the world who comforted and supported patients and their families before, during and after 116 surgeries performed over five days.

“As a volunteer, you are able to follow the entire cycle of emotions that these families experience firsthand,” says Kris Sanders, a Senior Business Program Manager. “The process is so personal, and there aren’t words for the joy and happiness that these parents display when they first see their child [after surgery].”

Raising funds

Meanwhile, our employees back home volunteer to raise funds each year for Operation Smile programs. In 2017, they raised nearly $55,000, with the company providing a dollar-for-dollar match.

In 2017, our Sustainability Solutions business helped our customers:



saved in supply costs


pounds of waste diverted from landfills

surgeries performed over 5 days
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