PRO Pelvis Pelvic and Acetabulum
Plating System
Exposure. Reduction. Fixation.


Focusing on the instrumentation surrounding exposure and reduction for pelvis and acetabulum fractures, PRO Pelvis plating system is uniquely designed to facilitate the Anterior Intrapelvic (AIP) approach, where working in the deep, narrow space in the pelvis poses special surgical challenges

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Product Specifications 


Unique radiolucent retractors designed to provide enhanced visualization during the surgical exposure

  • Radiolucent carbon fiber retractors
  • Enhanced illumination in the surgical field 
    • Retractor 1, 2, and 3 may be equipped with a light pipe attachment to better illuminate deep surgical wounds
  • Suction device for wound irrigation
    • Suction retractor provides dual functionality  by irrigating blood and fluid that accumulate in the base of the wound as well as retracting the bladder



Minimally disruptive reduction

Fracture specific reduction instruments designed to treat a variety of fracture types through a minimally invasive approach

  • Offset tines designed to accommodate traditional and less invasive approaches
    • Asymmetric webers (right and left specific)
    • Large offset jaw clamps (straight and curved)
  • Streamlined versatility 
    • Achieve compression or distraction with 1 instrument by adjusting the farabeuf’s ratchet mechanism
  • Longer speed locks
    • Offers larger clamp opening and enhances tip and arm angulation



Comprehensive fixation

An extensive implant offering capable of treating an array of complex pelvis and acetabulum fractures

  • SOMA designed quadrilateral surface plates indicated for: 1
    • Anterior column 
    • Anterior column combined with posterior hemi-transverse 
    • Quadrilateral surface
  • Basic fragment annealed and non-annealed plates 
    • Straight (cold worked)
    • Straight (annealed)
    • Pubic symphysis
    • Curved R108
    • Curbed R88
  • Compatible with 3.5/4.5mm cortical screws
    • 3.5mm screws allow for 70 degree cone of angulation
    • 4.5mm screws allow for 10 degree cone of angulation
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