Linear Reduction Clamp

Compressive reduction instrument to aid in long bone, pelvic, and acetabular fractures

A versatile instrument set designed to aid in the reduction and ultimate fixation of fractures over a range of applications.

Linear Reduction Clamp Main

Exposure. Reduction. Fixation.


Modernized Reduction.

Ratchet-based mechanism of action

  • Allows for consistent and repeatable compressive forces

Four hook options

  • Four different hook options with varying sizes and tip ends to suit your indication needs. Hook attachments can be oriented in eight different ways relative to the handle and can be changed intra-operatively.

Removable handle technology

  • The handle can be removed from the assembly without any loss of compressive forces. This allows for multiple hook attachments from the same set to be assembled and reduces obstruction at site-of-care.


Instrumentation made simple.

Cannulated compression rod for direct screw placement

  • Cannulated compression rod can accept ø2.7mm cortical, ø3.5mm cortical, ø4.5mm cortical, and ø6.5mm cancellous screws

Compatible with PRO system

  • Complements our existing PRO pelvis portfolio
Linear Reduction Clamp Layout

Linear Reduction Clamp Hooks

Designed by surgeons, for surgeons 

Linear Reduction Clamp


  • Ratchet based mechanism of action allows for consistent and repeatable compressive forces
Linear Reduction Clamp enhanced

visibility and access

  • Removable Handle allows for enhanced intraoperative visualization without loss of compression forces
  • Four hook options of varying sizes and tip geometries to accommodate different applications and orientations
Linear Reduction Clamp direct screw placement

screw placement

  • Cannulated compression rod for direct screw placement*
  • Compatible with existing PRO pelvis portfolio

*Ø2.7mm cortical, Ø3.5mm cortical, Ø4.5mm cortical, and Ø6.5mm cancellous screws