Demineralized Bone Matrix

An osteoconductive allograft bone matrix with osteoinductive potential, combined with a reverse phase media carrier to offer enhanced handling properties.

Bone graft substitute

These implants are designed to act as bone void fillers and are available in three forms: gel, putty, and putty combined with cancellous chips (putty plus) which allows you to tailor the graft selection to the needs of the patient. DBM is designed to resist washing away when irrigated, and has a pliable consistency for handling. 

  • Each final lot of DBM is tested using the gold standard Urist Mouse Model to confirm osteoinductive potential1

  • DBM utilizes a reverse phase media carrier which allows the product to be malleable at room temperature and increase in viscosity after implantation2

  • Gel, Putty and Putty Plus demonstrated equivalent bone formation results to autograft in adult rabbits3

  • Gel, Putty and Putty Plus are formulated to resist irrigation

  • Putty Plus configurations contain cancellous bone4

  • Gel is available in 1cc, 5cc and 10cc syringes, Putty in 1cc, 2.5cc, 5cc and 10cc vials, and Putty Plus in 5cc and 10cc vials