Shoulder Talks:

Subscapularis Management in shoulder arthroplasty

Join Dr. Cagle as he walks us through Subscapularis Management in shoulder arthroplasty, covering a wide range of topics. Chapters include conversations around pre-op discussions, post op care, walking through a surgical case and recovery of the patient.

Learning objective:

  • Distinguishing repairs in both an anatomic and a reverse shoulder arthroplasty
  • Discussing controversies in anatomic and reverse shoulders
  • Evaluating patient images ahead of time
  • Repositioning the subscapularis in anatomic and reverse style arthroplasty
  • Achieving fixation of the sutures into the tendon
  • Tips & tricks to get the most robust internal construct

Course instructor: Dr. Cagle

TEACH Talks: Course overview

Chapter 1: Pre-operative aspects of shoulder arthroplasty and subscapularis repair

Chapter 2: Live surgical procedure and the steps of replacing a subscapularis repair in a shoulder arthroplasty