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T2 Alpha Nailing System

A message from Dr. Langford


The simplicity and versatility of the T2 Alpha Nailing System will be appreciated by surgeons and OR staff. As someone who prefers to nail whenever possible, the T2 Alpha nailing system allows me to use a nail where I normally would use a plate for distal tibia fractures, as the three interlocks are located closer to the distal end of the nail, and the Advanced Locking Screws provide angular and axial stability near the fracture site.

The T2 Alpha IM Nails

For antegrade femoral nailing, T2 Alpha offers a piriformis and greater trochanteric option. The beveled tip of the nail facilitates easy insertion and the hybrid nail concept allows for multiple proximal and distal locking configurations. The new instrumentation is even simpler than the T2 system, and the incremental enhancements across the platform reduce frustration in the OR. I particularly appreciate the new capture screwdriver as it alleviates concern about losing the screw in the soft tissue. The ergonomic handles, legible depth gauges and light weight jigs make the system easy to use.

T2 Alpha was designed in collaboration with surgeons from across the world, and I believe that other surgeons will appreciate the design enhancements as much as I have.

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