Advanced Mako Total Knee, balancing by the numbers

Program objectives

  • Explore functional knee positioning™
  • Identify and explore different balancing methods

Program focus

  • Mako Total Knee

Omar Akhtar, M.D.

Omar Akhtar, M.D.  
Cedar Rapids, IA    

Residency: Western Michigan University 
Fellowship: Adult Reconstruction Surgery, University of Pennsylvania 

Mark Pizzurro, M.D.

Mark Pizzurro, M.D.   
Ridgewood, NJ      

Residency: Seton Hall University: St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center/St. Francis Medical Center   
Fellowship: Adult Reconstruction, Hospital for Special Surgery  

Join Omar Akhtar, M.D. and Mark Pizzurro, M.D. as they address how to balance the knee with Mako SmartRobotics™. If you have an extra 15 minutes, Dr. Akhtar and Dr. Pizzurro will share tips on their transition from fellowship to practice.



Mako Total Knee SmartRobotics™ - 3D CT-based planning with Dr. Akhil Sastry  
20:55 minutes 

Mako Total Knee SmartRobotics™ - Functional knee positioning with Dr. Jeremy Reid  
60:00 minutes