Joint Replacement 
Fellows Summit

April 21-22 | San Francisco, CA

Welcome to the 2023 Joint Replacement Fellows Summit!



Mark Allen, D.O.  
Henderson, NV 

Residency: Michigan State University COM SCS, St. John Oakland Hospital
Fellowship: The CORE Institute
Email: Markallen2@gmail.com


Charles Claps, D.O.  
Fayetteville, GA 

Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Pinnacle Health
Fellowship: Wake Forest University
Email: Ceclaps26@gmail.com


Lige Kaplan, M.D. 
Phoenix, AZ 

Residency: Henry Ford Hospital 
Fellowship: William Beaumont Hospital 
Email: Ligekaplan@yahoo.com


Timmothy Randell, M.D. 
Alexandria, LA 

Residency: Baylor Scott & White Medical Center 
Fellowship: Duke University School of Medicine 
Email: Timrandell@gmail.com


Erik Schnaser, M.D.
Palm Springs, CA 

Residency: Case Western Reserve University
Fellowship: Hospital for Special Surgery
Email: Schnaser22@me.com


Andrew Wassef, M.D.  
Long Beach, CA 

Residency: University of Toledo Medical Center
Fellowship: Joint Replacement Institute, L.A. Orthopedic Institute
Email: Ajwassef@gmail.com


Seann Willson, M.D.  
Flint, MI

Residency: University of Chicago
Fellowship: Scripps Clinic
Email: Seannwillson@gmail.com

Additional education

JR45 Year of Learning

Are you registered for JR45, Year of Learning?

Register today for Stryker’s interactive and on-demand monthly education series focused on the latest techniques and technologies in hip and knee arthroplasty. Join the education journey to explore nine months of unlocked e-learning content plus monthly 45-minute case-based webinars.

Coming soon…

Season 2 with even more content on Mako SmartRobotics™, Revision Knee, Revision Hip and Direct Anterior Approach.

Mako in the OR

Explore a collection of educational content on Mako SmartRobotics™. Watch videos and interact with modules to learn OR layouts, roles and responsibilities, Mako instrumentation, Mako System setup and more for all three applications.


Experience a live procedure in a Virtual Surgical Observation (VSO GO) without ever leaving your office. A VSO GO transports you into a faculty’s OR to watch a procedure with multiple views and dialogue directly with the faculty in real time! VSO GOs are a premier peer-to-peer educational tool, and we hope you’ll make them a part of your education journey.

VSO GO types

Introduction to Mako | See Mako in action and learn how it has impacted the faculty and their patients.

Post-certification | Schedule a VSO GO after certification and before your first case for additional training, tips and tricks.

Advanced training | Explore what Mako SmartRobotics™ can do for your patients.


VSO GO procedures

Mako Partial Knee, Mako Total Knee, Mako Total Hip, DA with Insignia®

Choose your VSO faculty and schedule a VSO GO with your Stryker sales representative today!





Mako Total Hip 4.0 SmartRobotics™ - Direct anterior approach (Enhanced)

Mako Total Hip 4.0 SmartRobotics™ - Direct anterior approach (Express)

Mako Total Hip 4.0 SmartRobotics™ - Posterior approach

Preplanning with Mako Total Hip 4.0 SmartRobotics™

Mako Partial Knee SmartRobotics™ - Planar workflow with Dr. Adam Freedhand

Functional Knee Positioning™ with Jeremy Reid, M.D. 




Thank you for attending the 2023 Joint Replacement Fellows Summit!

Don’t hesitate to contact Kimberly.Wylde@stryker.com with questions.