Procedural Oxygen Mask™ (POM)

Safety. Simplicity. Innovation. All in the same breath.

The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM), now available at Stryker.

Procedural Oxygen Mask


You and your patients can now breathe easier.

We're bringing an innovative solution for oxygen delivery with procedures requiring sedation* into our best-in-class portfolio. Previously available via distributor, POM used to be an independent product. Now it’s surrounded by the resources of Stryker.

POM is a versatile multi-port oxygen mask, designed to accommodate a wide range of scopes, probes, and tubes with ease. With its unique design, it allows for hassle-free insertion through the patient's mouth or nose, all while maintaining optimal oxygen delivery. POM is engineered to maximize oxygen flow and provide respiratory rate monitoring for enhanced safety.

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