Self punching all suture anchor

Designed to eliminate the need to drill and provide precise anchor placement in rotator cuff repair.



  • 2.3mm self-punching all-suture anchor

  • Designed to eliminate the need to drill

  • Self-punching trocar tip

2.3mm all suture anchor
designed for precise
anchor placement.

No drill required.

Multiple suture configurations for a
variety of techniques.

Triple loaded
1.2mm XBraid TT


Double loaded
2.0mm XBraid TT


Double loaded
#2 Force Fiber


1.2mm and 2.0mm 
XBraid TT

All suture platform featuring IntelliBraid Technology,
backed by the ICONIX family.

IntelliBraid Technology creates a bunching effect using targeted compression zones within the implant sheath for optimal fixation.

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The ICONIX family of anchors (ICONIX, ICONIX TT, ICONIX Needles & ICONIX SPEED) symbolize the next generation of suture anchor technology. The all-suture based system with a tie-able tape suture option, needles option and self-punching option allows for less bone removal during pilot hole creation without compromising pullout strength.1 The innovative design is truly the first of its kind.

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