G- Force

Tenodesis System

A radiolucent PEEK-Optima material implant that allows for intraoperative tendon tensioning via a suture loop guide rod.


Designed to meet your foot and ankle needs

With additional sizes for rotator cuff repair and ACL reconstruction

  • Radiolucent PEEK-Optima material
  • Higher pull-out strength1 and a non-catastrophic mode of failure2
  • Intra-operative tendon tensioning via novel suture loop guide rod

Statistically significant 35% greater pull-out force* than our leading competitor screws (p<0.002)3


*Under simulated clinical conditions. Data on file.

Explore the instrumentation


A. Cannulated reamers

  • 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 and 8mm
  • Drills over the suture loop guide rod
  • Color-coded with tissue protector and drivers

B. Driver shafts

  • Protruding tip allows easy bone hole location
  • Tapering allows snug screw driving with easy driver removal
  • Color-coded with tissue protector and reamers

C. Ratcheting handle

  • Provides fast, easy, smooth screw insertion

D. Tendon sizer

  • Allows for quick, accurate, consistent tendon measurements
  • Color-coded with reamers, drivers and tissue protectors

E. Suture loop guide rod

  • Provides guidance for bone hole drilling
  • Includes a braided nitinol loop for suture passing
  • Ideal for intraoperative tendon tensioning

F. Tissue protector handle

G. AO quick connect

Important: Make certain to avoid inserting the guide rod too far into wire driver and gripping the nitinol suture loop.

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