Champion Suture Passer

The Champion Suture Passer is designed to optimize surgeon efficiency by simplifying suture management during arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs.

champion suture passer hero image

With four unique jaw options and the option to turn the ratchet on or off for all jaw options, the instrument offers a complete solution suture passing. The Champion Suture Passer utilizes a one-time use nitinol needle and a reusable handle. Stryker also offers Cobra, the industry’s first reusable suture passer with a stainless steel needle. See Cobra suture passer for more details.

The Champion Suture passer offers a self-capture jaw design which allows for passing and retrieving suture simultaneously. Alternatively, the non-capture model allows passing and manually retrieving suture through ancillary portal techniques.

  • 16mm tissue bite
  • Low-profile, 4.6mm jaw width
  • Passes a 15mm loop of suture through the tissue.

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