Spine Guidance Software

Spinal surgery planning and navigation software powered by the Q Guidance System


With over 20 years development experience in navigation technologies, we've created the Q Guidance System with Spine Guidance Software to redefine possibilities.  

  • The first and only spine navigation software with pediatric indications for patients aged 13 years and older
  • Smart Segmentation with automatic screw planning
  • Compatible with legacy active tracking instruments




New capability, new benefits Today's robust spinal software provides full-spectrum active/passive hybrid optical tracking and semi-automatic and automatic processing to help simplify complex surgical tasks while aiming to elevate your confidence.

Features and benefits

  • Delivers groundbreaking surgical planning and guidance capabilities via active and passive optical tracking and Smart Segmentation capabilities
  • Automatic registration with Airo TruCT and Ziehm RFD 3D C-arm
  • 3D visualizations and multiple window options allow the user to customize their surgical views to focus on what's most important




Redefining what's possible

Software highlights

  • Smart Segmentation with automatic screw suggestions
  • Soft tissue stripping for enhanced visualization
  • Reconstructed 3D x-ray views
  • Dedicated k-wire visualization to support percutaneous screw placement
  • Integration with multiple Spine fixation systems
  • Gesture recognition (no-touch instrument calibration/validation and point digitization)
  • Fast and accurate re-registration using the rescue point workflow

Simplified interface with clean, physician-customizable dashboards.

Enabling new norms for spinal surgery

Spine Guidance Software Planning

Auto segmentation



Smart Segmentation:
Vital planning insights

  • Leveraging fan beam CT technology enables sophisticated algorithms to segment the spine to the bone surface level
  • Identifies and auto segments vertebral key points
  • Defines a coordinate system for each vertebra
  • Refines the x-y plane to be as parallel as possible to the vertebra endplate


Automatic screw suggestion:
Tailored per patient

Once you select the vertebrae to be instrumented, the software uses sophisticated segmentation algorithms to calculate multiple anatomical metrics (transverse angle, isthmus, pedicle length/depth, diameter). It uses this information to label the vertebral level and will automatically recommend screw size and position, which is then verified by you.

  • Works with a variety of our Spine fixation systems whose specifications are pre-programmed
  • Select screw system from drop down menu; software recommends a screw size and placement based on patient's actual anatomy
  • Allows “virtual screw placement” prior to real insertion based on the patient's actual anatomy
screw compatibility

Broad screw compatibility allows freedom of choice.

See more,
now do more
utilizing Airo TruCT


Allows imaging and navigation to act as one

  • Helps maximize the potential of our sophisticated anatomical processing algorithms1
  • Seamless integration; select Airo TruCT as “registration method”
  • Flat Stick-on Fiducials enable automatic registration without SpineMask
  • Airo's large field of view enables visualization of the skin surface within Spine Guidance Software
  • Intraoperatively scans a full meter of spine in one acquisition (reduces need for multiple spins2)
  • Long spine constructs captured in a single scan executed in as low as 43 seconds3

Fan beam technology for diagnostic quality intra-op CTs.

4th generation FP8000 camera
Non-invasive SpineMask Tracker

Designed with MIS surgeons in mind

  • Non-invasive patient tracking
  • Enables minimally invasive approaches for pedicle screw placement
  • Automatic, intraoperative mask registration
  • Seamlessly integrates into surgical workflow
  • Compatible with a wide variety of imaging devices used in the O.R.
  • Other patient tracking options include conventional bone-fixated trackers like the nGenius Spine Clamp and the OrthoLock

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