Cranial Guidance Software

Cranial surgery planning and navigation software powered by Q Guidance System

This successor to CranialMap 3.0 boasts a completely new software application with enhanced capabilities, plus refined interfaces, navigation and screen views.
Today’s robust cranial software provides full-spectrum active/passive hybrid optical tracking and automatic, algorithmic processing to help simplify core surgical tasks.

Features and benefits1

  • In tandem with Q Guidance System, provides a single solution to track cutting-edge navigated instruments
  • Delivers groundbreaking surgical planning and guidance capabilities via active/passive hybrid optical tracking – plus optional, scalable modules for navigated brain biopsy and EM Catheter Placement
  • Provides automatic, algorithmic processing and comprehensive guidance data that aim to elevate your confidence and surgical ability
  • Simpler than ever1, with 50% fewer main pages (only 4), 57% fewer minimum clicks, and a nearly 30% decrease in workflow steps
  • 100% 5-star surgeon rating reported during validation labs*


*Overall system accuracy – 9 surgeons
 Accuracy of system in craniotomy – 7 surgeons
 Accuracy of biopsy placement – 6 surgeons

Spine Guidance Software
Expanding what's possible
Spine Guidance Software Planning

Tractography with fiber bundles



  • Quick Segmentation Tool
  • Skull stripping (visualizes brain tissue only)
  • Display customization
  • Surgical zone
  • Ability to visualize tractography with fiber bundles
  • Image import (with auto analysis, segmentation and sequence detection)



  • Tools for identifying, marking and localizing targets and anatomical structures of interest
  • Enables planning and aligning instruments to preplanned trajectories based on entry point and target
  • High performance 2D-3D visualization
  • Same-screen viewing of co-registered image sets from different imaging modalities or sequences individually in different 2D/3D views
  • Surgeon-driven dashboards replace toggling between workflow tabs
  • Flexible surface registration (not mandated at setup)
  • Ability to instantly correct patient orientation up to 45º in respective plane without creating new anatomical coordinate system
screw compatibility

Q Guidance cranial



  • Gesture recognition (no-touch validation, calibration and point digitization)
  • Precision Targeting System (additional module and Navigated Biopsy Needle)
  • EM Catheter Placement (additional module)
  • Support of legacy active pointers and trackers
  • Compatible with existing CranialMask Tracker

Precision Targeting System:

Optional module for brain biopsy

  • Displays intuitive visual navigation icons and auto calculations
  • Helps guide users from gross alignment to precise trajectory
  • Enables drilling through skull at a pre-defined point
  • Helps protect vital structures via auto-calculated depth stop for Navigated Biopsy Needle
  • Tracks/displays Navigated Biopsy Needle progression until arrival at target   

When Navigated Biopsy Needle reaches target, indicator turns from orange to green

EM tracking:
Optional module for catheter placement

EM tracking-  Optional module for catheter placement

Intuitive graphics with auto calculations show your progression towards target

  • Includes EM Field Generator, mounting arm, trackers, instrumentation and Instrument Adapter Box
  • Enables pinless procedures on adult and pediatric patients
  • Applicable for various shunt (VP, VA, LP) and EVD procedures
  • Small sensors on stylet tip enable tracking without direct line-of-sight to field generator and maintain accuracy under deflection
  • Designed to intuitively guide placement of third-party catheters to a pre-planned trajectory via our navigated EM Stylet
  • EM Stylet maintains visualization at the distal tip without additional calibration
  • EM patient tracker can be reprocessed up to 10 times and used with disposable adhesive patient tracker tab
Versatility and compatibility

Broad compatibility1

  • CT/CTA and MR/MRA
  • fMRI, DTI and PET
  • USB, CD/DVD or DICOM push data
  • CranialMask Tracker
  • Active pointers and instrument trackers
  • Passive instruments and optional EM instruments
  • Zeiss PENTERO and KINEVO integration

  • Only tracker on the market that is completely sterile and designed for soft tissue placement
  • Fully automated and simplified registration process
  • Small anatomical footprint and universal fit
  • Enables pin-less workflow
  • Full range head mobility


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