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    Porous polyethylene implants

    Biocompatible implants for reconstruction and augmentation.

  • MEDPOR TITAN 3D Orbital Floor

    Orbital floor reconstruction

    Implants designed using CT-scan data to approximate the anatomy of the orbital floor and medial wall.

  • Facial iD

    Patient specific implants

    Excellent anatomical fit and contour for your facial aesthetic and reconstructive needs.

  • iD Solutions

    Individually designed implants

    Patient specific implants for your cranial and facial aesthetic and reconstruction needs.

  • Aesthetics

    Having the very best products and service is a critical component of performing aesthetic surgery. Our proven MEDPOR implants and world-renowned Colorado Needles are just the start of a portfolio of market-leading products. Combined with our unfailing service, we’re committed to helping you keep your aesthetic business the very best it can be.

  • Orthognathic

    Correcting skeletal irregularities, whether for functional or aesthetic reasons, is a big deal in a patient’s life, and we offer a complete portfolio of products to support you. Our planning and surgical tools along with our 2D and 3D plates provide you the utmost confidence to plan and execute each case, so that you’re well equipped with the tools to do your heroic work.

  • Reconstruction

    Your facial reconstruction cases take herculean time, skill and dedication. From virtual pre-planning, to placing the final screw into a patient specific plate, we are alongside you every step of the way to help make your case as seamless as possible. Our market-leading products combined with our unfailing service provide an unmatched level of assurance for your entire perioperative experience.

  • Craniomaxillofacial

    Maxillofacial surgical solutions

    Your patients deserve best in class products delivered by people who care. Our comprehensive portfolio features rigid bone fixation systems, biomaterials, porous polyethylene implants, microdissection needles and patient-specific implants to address a wide variety of surgical specialties and procedures.

  • Craniomaxillofacial

    Together, we restore form, function and hope to patients around the globe.

    Everything we do starts by asking: how can we make healthcare better? It’s what we’ve stood for since Dr. Stryker said, “If your tools don’t work, make them work. If you can’t make them work, make some that do work.” Our 150-year combined legacy with FL Fisher and the Oswald Leibinger Company has led us to a comprehensive portfolio of products in the field of craniomaxillofacial surgery. Every product we make, every partnership we form, is made with a patient’s future in mind.  Together, we are restoring form, function and hope to patients around the globe.

  • Closure

    Close with confidence

    Years of specialized focus has led to a comprehensive portfolio of innovative cranial closure solutions to support OR efficiency and improved surgical outcomes for your patients.

  • Patient Specific Implants

    Customized cranial implants designed for restoration of cranial defects.

  • Trauma

    Stryker’s facial trauma products are the #1 most chosen products for facial trauma cases.¹ Our German-engineered products have a long history of quality and reliability and are backed by unparalleled service - attributes we believe are paramount in helping you achieve the very best outcomes for your patients.

  • Cranial

    Restore with confidence

    As a market leader, our innovative access, intervention and closure solutions for neurosurgery support efficiency and improved surgical outcomes for the surgeons and patients we serve.