Elite attachments

Elite attachments
and cutting accessories


The Elite attachments and cutting accessories in our Signature 2 and Heritage Portfolios are among our most popular.

They’re compatible with a wide range of our high speed motors and drills, including the electric πdrive 2 Motor and πdrive 2+ Motor—all powered by our CORE 2 Console—and our pneumatic Maestro Air Motor with or without handswitch.

Our newest 440 and 442 knurled attachments help optimize system length and balance for neuro otologists and ENTs.

For use with

πdrive 2 Motor


πdrive 2+ Motor


Maestro Air Motor


Maestro Air Motor w/ handswitch

I.D. Touch Software and CORE 2 Console

A difference you can feel

An intuitive touch is one of a surgeon’s greatest assets—and adjustable braking, acceleration and our exclusive I.D. Touch Software give you even more nuanced control. Integrated into our CORE 2 Console power source, I.D. Touch Software lets you adjust torque from 0 percent to 100 percent. The result is instrumentation that responds perfectly to the exact pressure you prefer.

Stryker_Core2 Console_DSC8509_Clipped_wScreen_CROP

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