Heavy Duty Attachments
Heritage Heavy Duty
Our Heritage Heavy Duty attachments—called the PD Series—are organized into the O, M, AM, R and RX categories. Each attachment takes a different length bur. The M and AM groups have angled options.

PD series maestros straight short O

PD series straight M

PD series angled M

PD series straight long AM

PD series angled long AM

PD series straight extra long R

SD/PS series extra long straight RX

Signature Heavy Duty
Our Signature Heavy Duty attachments—the latest iteration of our A and AM attachments—lock into place to reduce chatter. They’re color coded in blue and green, compatible with TPS burs and ideal for tough jobs like cement and metal cutting.

HD 9 cm straight

HD 9 cm angled

HD 14 cm straight

HD 14 cm angled

HD 9 cm irrigation clip

Universal irrigation clip