Smart Toe II

Intramedullary implant

Our premier hammertoe treatment, Smart Toe II is a one piece, dynamic compression implant for hammertoe correction.

Proven. Flexible. Supported.

Stryker’s premier hammertoe treatment, Smart Toe II, pioneered the use of a one-piece, dynamic compression implant for hammertoe correction. Now with over 100,000 implants sold globally, Smart Toe II continues to provide demonstrated clinical outcomes.1,2

    • 2x rate of successful fusion when compared to Kirschner wires
    • Successful clinical fusion rates over 90%2
    • Less than 1% rate of reported implant failure*
    • Dynamic compression and rotational stability
    • Flexible patient sizing options

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Smart Toe II animation

The Smart Toe II intramedullary implant was designed for correction of a hammertoe deformity. It offers rotational stability and compression across the joint line, while avoiding potential complications experienced with k-wires, such as pin tract infection and post-operative exposure. Smart Toe II has been clinically documented with fusion rates of over 90% and 2x the fusion rate of k-wires.

Smart Toe II hammertoe correction

This video shows a hammertoe correction, using a Smart Toe implant. It also shows a metatarsal shortening osteotomy, which is fixated with Fixos screws.