Hammertoe Correction (PIP/DIP Joint)

Hammertoe correction of the PIP joint or Mallet toe correction of the DIP joint commonly involves arthrodesis of the affected joint.

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Smart Toe II hammertoe correction

This video shows a hammertoe correction, using a Smart Toe implant. It also shows a metatarsal shortening osteotomy, which is fixated with Fixos screws.

Smart Toe II animation

The Smart Toe II intramedullary implant was designed for correction of a hammertoe deformity. It offers rotational stability and compression across the joint line, while avoiding potential complications experienced with k-wires, such as pin tract infection and post-operative exposure. Smart Toe II has been clinically documented with fusion rates of over 90% and 2x the fusion rate of k-wires.

ToeTac animation

ToeTac is a PEEK, cannulated implant, available in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large). PEEK is a biocompatible, non-resorbable polymer that offers radiolucency. ToeTac comes in a compact, sterile kit that includes all of the instruments needed for surgery.

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