Prophecy® Infinity® Resect-Through Guides

Preoperative navigation guides for Infinity

Prophecy Resect-Through guides may help increase efficiency in the OR by utilizing just one guide for both drilling and cutting for your Prophecy Infinity total ankle procedures. With features such as metal guides to maintain cutting stability, corner pegs to protect against notching, and optional holes to couple alignment for the talus, this system represents the latest refinement of the technique.

Prophecy Resect-Through Guides provide:

  • Fewer steps than the Prophecy standard pin through technique

  • OR efficiency by using one guide for drilling and cutting

  • Metal guides to maintain cutting stability

  • Optional holes to couple the alignment for the talus

  • Corner pegs to protect against notching

  • Improved fluroscopic visualization: view coronal alignment, positioning, and implant size all in one shot

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Prophecy Infinity Resect-Through Guides

This video demonstrates the Prophecy Infinity Resect-Through Guides surgical animation.