Survivor: Denis Legault


Denis Legault resides in South Glengarry, Ontario, Canada, approximately an hour and a half away from the nearest catheterization laboratory. After a routine doctor's visit earlier in the day and a stressful day at work, he sensed something was not right. He and his wife dialed 911, and Brad Hunt from Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services was dispatched to promptly respond. Thanks to the paramedics' quick action and speedy driving, Denis reached the Ottawa Heart Institute in just 52 minutes. Two years following his sudden cardiac arrest event, Denis reunited with the crew that helped save his life.


Workplace and public safety

An AED program is a critical link in the chain of survival of a sudden cardiac arrest, empowering you to deliver lifesaving intervention before first responders arrive. With more than a million AEDs deployed globally, Stryker offers diverse options and deep expertise to help you choose the right device and cost-effectively manage your community AED program.

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Survivor: Derrick Mosley

After going on a morning run, Derrick began to feel some chest discomfort. His wife, Melissa, a healthcare professional trained in resuscitation, quickly recognized the warning signs of a sudden cardiac arrest. Luckily, an off-duty firefighter pulled over from traffic and began assisting. Soon EMS and Fire/Rescue units arrived to apply a LUCAS.

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Survivor: Andy Hannan

Andy Hannan was playing walking football when he collapsed on the field from a sudden cardiac arrest. Thankfully, one of his co-players, Sue, a first aid volunteer, immediately sprang to action. Watch how she saved his life with the help of the system of care.

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