A letter to emergency nurses

CCNs tend to a patient in the Emergency Department

Dear Emergency Nurses,

During this Nurses Month celebration, we’d like to express our utmost gratitude for your resilience, focus and unending compassion for quality patient care.

Through the ongoing challenge of the nursing shortage, you and your colleagues are often stretched thin, juggling multiple responsibilities that go beyond your usual duties. Long hours and back-to-back shifts are becoming the norm. Exhaustion is setting in.

We see you.

Despite these challenges, emergency nurses continue to show unparalleled resilience and commitment, providing compassionate care under the most demanding circumstances. You navigate the front lines of care with grace, always ready with a comforting word or a healing touch.

Your resilience is awe-inspiring.

In the face of adversity, you embody hope and strength, not just for your patients, but for us all. The way you blend expertise with empathy, science with humanity, is nothing short of miraculous.

Your impact, profound.

For every life you've touched, for every moment you've given hope, for every sacrifice you've made—thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With love,



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