Injectable Bone Substitute

An easily injectable, self-setting calcium phosphate bone substitute.

The standard in HA cement.

HydroSet is a self-setting, calcium phosphate cement intended for use in the repair of neurosurgical burr holes, contiguous craniotomy cuts and other cranial defects as well as in the augmentation or restoration of bony contour in the craniofacial skeleton.

  • Formulated to harden in the presence of water, blood and CSF.2,3

  • Hardens to form hydroxyapatite and remodels to natural bone through osteoclastic resorption and new bone formation.1

  • Specifically designed to set quickly once implanted under normal physiological conditions.1

  • Avoids thermal injury as it does not give off any potentially damaging heat.1

  • You can apply it manually by hand/spatula or injected through a syringe, enabling you to better meet unique closure needs.4