Resorbable Fixation System

A resorbable plating system designed for use in the fixation of bone of the cranialfacial and midfacial skeleton affected by trauma or for reconstruction.

Balanced resorption. Trusted strength.

Our unique polymer composition of 85% poly l-lactide, 10% poly glycolide, and 5% poly d-lactide contributes to a unique combination of strength, absorption, and contourability.

  • A unique tripolymer blend of PGA, PLLA and PDLA, provide an ideal resorption profile.

  • At two and six months, Delta maintains 78% and 50% of its initial strength respectively, which can help facilitate structural fixation and reinforcement during osteosynthesis.1,2

  • Torque limiting screwdriver features a unique roller bearing cam, which produces smooth, accurate, and consistent performance when tightening fasteners. When you achieve the maximum torque setting, the cam mechanism automatically slips to prevent over-tightening.

  • Self-drilling taps combine the steps of drilling a pilot hole and tapping into one easy process.

  • Partial countersink plating options allow for a tighter, more stable interface between the plate and screw, minimizing any micro movement between the bone-screw-plate construct.