Advanced Midface Distractor

Internal midface distraction system

Designed for the treatment of cranial or midfacial conditions for which reconstructive osteotomy and segment advancement are indicated.

Activated distraction.

The Advanced Midface Distractor is intended to provide temporary stabilization and gradual lengthening of facial bones of the cranium and midface and may include conditions such as syndromic craniosynostosis (e.g. Apert, Crouzon, Pfeiffer, Antley Bixler) and midfacial retrusion. 

  • Variety of plate options provides surgeon flexibility in the operating room.

  • Internal, buried subcutaneous application.

  • Modular system with a variety of plate options to permit surgeons flexibility in the OR.

  • Type II anodization of plates and distractor that may reduce the incidence of tissue adhesion.1

  • You can complete the removal of the remote activation rod within office/outpatient settings.

  • Utilization of Universal 2 system's 1.7 midface screws and instruments.