Surgical lights & monitor suspension

ProCare services

Stryker’s ProCare service programs are committed to helping you perform your job more efficiently while enhancing patient care delivery. We provide solutions intended to maximize the life and value of your investments and to create opportunities for better patient outcomes.

ProCare service Protect Prevent
Priority response * *
Unlimited service calls and repairs
Some repairs not covered under Protect service contract option. 
See Non-Warranty Repair List for more information.
* *
Replacement parts and shipping * *
Mobile inventory * *
Specialized Stryker service technician * *
Labor and travel of service technician ($1250 value) * *
6:30AM - 6:00PM CST technical phone support * *
24/7 technical phone support   *
One seat at First Responder Training   *
Access to BioMed Portal   *
Preventative maintenance
Annual inspection and repair on covered equipment
PM Documentation for Joint Commission, DNV CMS   *