StrykeCam HD

Surgical in-light camera

The StrykeCam HD surgical in-light camera mounts directly in the middle of your Stryker surgical light to provide an alternative overhead view of the surgical field, enabling your surgical team to share the procedure around the room or around the world.

StrykeCam HD

The StrykeCam HD in-light camera produces the highest quality 1080p HD image for a multitude of uses in your OR. With an outstanding 20x optical zoom capability, distinct HD images can be viewed wherever your surgical image is required. From recording to broadcasting a procedure, our surgical in-light camera offers a vantage point with impeccable detail.
The StrykeCam HD in-light camera is designed to capture and record procedures at the surgical site while minimizing disruption in the OR. By allowing the clinical staff to follow your progress without breaking the sterile field, the StrykeCam HD in-light camera strives to improve workflow and enable easier documentation for training and case study purposes.

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