Equipment management system

The Teletom equipment management system provides ceiling-mounted solutions to manage your surgical equipment, reducing reliance on carts and enabling you to streamline the workflow of your operating suites.


The Teletom equipment management system is designed to remove OR hazards and improve workflow, maximizing the surgical workspace. With floor to ceiling configurability, Teletom provides unparalleled customization to keep your equipment organized when not in use and immediately accessible when needed. Redefine efficiency in your OR with Teletom.
We provide exceptional equipment management for many patient care environments, providing versatility in room design and workflow while supporting the many array of systems needed for efficient patient care. The Teletom solution is completely customizable to many hospital applications including specialty ORs and ICUs, and our room design expertise will help maximize workflow through custom placement of services, shelves, lights, and with more than 400 accessories to choose from.

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