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This year at OTA we showcased our latest technologies including T2 Alpha, ADAPT for Gamma3 and announced our upcoming launch of VariAx 2 Mini Fragment System.

To bring our customers together, we hosted an educational experience allowing over 300 HCP's to learn more about our most recent product offerings.

Missed this year’s event? Experience it for yourself by watching our event highlight video.

Featured technologies
Mini frag image

VariAx 2 Mini Fragment
Plating System

The new VariAx 2 Mini Fragment plating system features a complete range of low profile plate and screw options in 2.0mm, 2.4mm and 2.7mm modules. Plates utilize the SmartLock variable angle locking technology.

Plates featured in this system include a wide variety of types including broad and narrow straight locking plates as well as locking plates in T, Y and Triangle designs. These plates offer both locking and compression capabilities. The system also offers profile plates, which are intended to facilitate fracture reduction due to the extremely low-profile and non-locking design.

The system features a streamlined and simplified instrument and screw platform which includes color coded screws and instrumentation designed to increase procedural efficiency. 

Learn more about our full plating portfolio here.  

ADAPT for Gamma3 Feature

ADAPT for Gamma3

Integrated seamlessly into the surgeon’s workflow, the ADAPT system, can potentially reduce radiation exposure and operative time.  Studies have shown that orthopaedic surgeons are 5.39x more likely to have cancer compared to other healthcare workers.1 ADAPT for Gamma3 has shown to reduce radiation exposure by 11%2, and reduce OR time by 9%.2

Half of the total radiation time for nailing procedures occurs during freehand distal locking.,3,4ADAPT supports distal locking using the Gamma Distal Targeting system and has been shown to distally lock up to 2 screws with a median of 5 shots.5

Want more information about this system? Learn more about ADAPT here. 

T2 Alpha Feature

T2 Alpha
Nailing System

T2 Alpha nails adapt to diverse intraoperative needs, addressing varying patient anatomy and preferences of the surgeon. New to the T2 Alpha nail is the Advanced Locking Screw option, which provides added axial and angular stability.  These screws limit relative motion between the nail and screw, allowing surgeons to provide additional nail stability when needed.  The implants are supported by new instrumentation which was designed for simplicity to improve the operative workflow. 

Learn more about the T2 Alpha nailing system here.

Our trauma and extremities portfolio offers you market-leading implants for the treatment of long and small bone fractures, as well as extremity joint replacements.

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