ADAPT for Gamma3

Nailing redefined.

ADAPT system is software based instrumentation designed for use in Gamma3 surgery. The software assists the surgeon with implant alignment, lag screw length determination, lag screw positioning and distal targeting. ADAPT is the only augmented reality instrumentation of its kind.

ADAPT allows you to:

  • See, adjust, and refine Tip Apex Distance intraoperatively with software measurements for precision where it matters most.

  • Incorporate technology into your O.R., with an adaptive workflow that fits your procedure.

  • Utilize a system designed for consistent results and that features added guidance for distal locking with the Distal Targeting System.

Precision where it matters most

Implant placement is one of the most important part of a cephalomedullary nailing procedure. ADAPT is designed to provide the surgeon with information to find the desired Gamma3 implant position and placement.

  • ADAPT allows the surgeon to visualize and adjust nail depth/version before inserting the K-wire.1
  • This may allow for less variable and lower Tip Apex Distance and reduced radiation exposure.2


Adaptive workflow

ADAPT features an intuitive workflow that adjusts to the surgeon's technique at each step of the procedure.

  • Interactive operative technique provides the Gamma3 operative technique, step-by-step animations, and relevant workflow information based on acquired X-ray images. 1
  • Each step of the surgery is documented in a surgical report which may provide for better post-operative information workflow.1

Designed for consistent results  

ADAPT offers added guidance for distal locking with the Distal Targeting System including precise C-arm positioning instructions.

  • ADAPT is designed to provide consistent, reproducible results.1
  • The use of ADAPT has been seen to significantly reduce OR time.2