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Be connected. Be protected.

The Vocera Badge offers hands-free clinical communication and connectivity, even while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).


Reach the right people, faster

Reach the right person or group in near-real time without needing to know names, numbers or who's on call.

Vocera Badge at a glance

Streamline communication with labs, environmental services, transport teams and more

  • Communicate hands-free
  • Receive secure text messages
  • Get prioritized notifications
  • Broadcast to groups
  • Initiate and join conference calls
  • Schedule reminders
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Nurse helping elderly lady with badge

Stay focused on what matters

Voice-driven user experience

The Vocera Badge uses a voice recognition engine that listens to you, and just you. Busy noise in a hospital room won't get in the way of you using the Vocera Badge.

Stay focused on your patient

With the Vocera Badge, you don't need to leave a patient to ask for assistance. 

Get help faster and easier

Receive near-real time notifications

Allow caregivers to receive filtered, prioritized notifications from the electronic health record (EHR) about test results, patient status changes and more. Workers wearing PPE can receive alerts audibly.

Communicate with groups

Call by name, role or group to streamline triage and handoff communication. Even while wearing PPE, just say, "OK Vocera," and tell it, "Broadcast Infection Control Team," or "Call Transport," or one of over 100 other commands to connect.

Secruity guard wearing badge

Badge features


At 53.9 grams, the Vocera Badge is comfortable to wear and keep with you.

Built for sterile environments

Purpose built for use in sterile environments, the Vocera Badge can go anywhere a caregiver needs to go. With it, you are only a moment away from communicating effectively.

Long battery life

Built for the grueling schedule of a caregiver, the Vocera Badge's lithium-ion battery can go the extra mile with you.

High-quality speech recognition

Noisy hospital environments won't impede a caregiver from utilizing the Vocera Badge. Dual-band Wi-Fi receptors and integrated noise reduction keeps it compatible no matter the environment.



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