Sof.Care Overlay

Bedframe and stretcher surface

3-layer technology.

SofCare Overlay

Sof.Care Overlay at a glance

The Sof.Care overlay combines three layers of interlocking air cells to create a contoured support surface. Sof.Care elevates the body’s sensitive pressure points off the bed surface, resulting in added support.

  • Protects sensitive bony prominences susceptible to pressure injuries

  • 2 inflation options

  • Lightweight, waterproof, and easy to clean

Product features

Companion Pump

The Companion Pump 2.0 is a constant low pressure powered air pump intended to provide continuous air pressure to the overlay to assist in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.

SofCare Manual Hand Pump

The SofCare Manual Hand Pump is a non-powered inflation device that can go home with the patient.

Pressure Management with 3-Layer Technology

The unique 3-layer air-channeling technology creates interlocking air cells to immerse and envelop the patient, providing low tissue interface pressure. The 3-layer design provides total air support, which helps to prevent bottoming out, because the patient is always supported by a pocket of air.