Sof.Care HeelCare

Therapeutic Air Boot Series

Therapeutic air boots for the heel and foot that help prevent pressure injuries.

Sof.Care HeelCare Boot Series

Sof.Care HeelCare Boot Series at a glance

Stryker has adapted its Sof.Care air-channeling technology into light weight, comfortable and easy to use therapeutic air boots for the heel and foot. The adjustable Sof.Care HeelCare Boot series lifts the heel off the bed surface, helping to prevent pressure injuries while allowing air circulation.

  • Channeled tubular support

  • Soft inner material and scalloped edges

  • Easy access and heel visibility

  • Adjustable straps for customized fit

Product features

The Elite Heel Boot

Scalloped heel design that protects against pressure with movement.

Universal Heel Boot

Designed to fit most foot sizes and provides easy access and heel visibility.

Air-Channeling Technology

Sof.Care air-channeling technology redistributes tissue interface pressure to aid in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The channel design allows air circulation, helping to manage patient microclimate.