Stryker's SofCare DuoGuard for help in  pressure injury prevention

SofCare DuoGuard

2-layer reactive overlay

Pressure injury prevention disposable surface


SofCare DuoGuard | Stryker

SofCare DuoGuard at a glance

With its 2-layer design, the DuoGard overlay provides economical protection by lowering tissue interface pressure below capillary closure to help prevent and treat pressure injuries. Its soft, durable vinyl construction easily wipes clean and is simple to use. Its convenient hand wells facilitate patient transfer and repositioning.

  • Channeled tubular support
  • Vinyl material
  • Hand wells/Transfer handles
  • 2 inflation options

Product features

Companion Pump 2.0 provides continuous air pressure to help prevent pressure injuries

Companion pump

The Companion Pump 2.0 is a constant low pressure powered air pump intended to provide continuous air pressure to the overlay to assist in the treatment and prevention of pressure injuries.

Sof.Care manual hand pump

SofCare manual hand pump

The Sof.Care Manual Hand Pump is a non-powered inflation device that can go home with the patient.

Air-channeling technology helps redistributes tissue interferance pressure

Air-channeling technology

Sof.Care air-channeling technology redistributes tissue interface pressure to aid in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The channel design allows air circulation, helping to manage patient microclimate.

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