Altrix Temperature Management Wraps

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Altrix Temperature Management Wraps

Altrix Temperature Management Wraps 
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The Altrix wraps were designed with the patient and caregiver in mind. The non-invasive and non-adhesive wraps provide increased surface area contact, helping to reduce air gaps that can occur between surface cooling and warming devices and patients’ skin. The wraps come in two sizes and are anatomically designed to accommodate a majority of the patient population, while two large Velcro® tabs and orange adhesion points give caregiver freedom and flexibility during application for a more customizable fit.

Thigh wrap


One machine.
One system.

Altrix provides an exceptional choice for patient temperature management. Altrix wraps provide increased patient surface contact and reduced air gaps.


Provide increased patient surface contact and reduced air gaps to enhance thermal transfer.

Non-invasive and non-adhesive body wraps allows easy access to skin.

Three-year shelf life of wraps helps limit unnecessary waste and minimize costs.

No purging required of wraps prior to disconnecting is favorable in a fast-paced environment.

Close-up of material showing smart water flow pattern

One system. Enhanced thermal transfer.

The multi-layered construction and smart water flow pattern helps push water efficiently and consistently through each wraps, providing better heat transfer.

Nurse applying torso wrap

One system. Efficient durable material.

The exterior polyurethane layer helps protect the wraps and can be wiped down in the event of patient bioburden. The interior layer is a foam insulation that helps increase thermal transfer capabilities.

Nurses applying thigh wraps

One system. Versatile design.

Enhanced fit accommodates 99% of the patient population while improving pad to skin contact. The versatile design optimizes clinical access, particularly around the chest, groin, and lower leg.

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