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Clinical solutions

Programs, support, and education for our valued customers.

Product + process + people = prevention

Clinical programs

Stryker's clinical programs combine technology, education and partnership to assist facilities in supporting improved patient outcomes and tackling their most important patient care challenges.

Our programs are strategically built to support improved outcomes in four key areas of patient care - fall prevention, pressure injury prevention, early mobility and safe patient handling.

Everyday Prevention Programs

At Stryker, our caregivers and their patients are at the heart of everything we do. That's why we partner with each of our customers to deliver more than just products. Through our Everyday Prevention Programs, we bring you the tools, resources, and processes you need to help minimize the risk of never-events and support improved patient outcomes. 

 Programs include:

  • Protocol reviews
  • Best practice audits
  • Prevalence audits
  • Prevention pilots
  • Continued education through FocusRN

... and more


Advanced Prevention Programs

Take your prevention to the next level with our Advanced Prevention Programs. Our Advanced Prevention Programs go above and beyond to add support and lift financial burden.

Targeted Prevention

Drive sustainable, improved patient outcomes supported by our customizable, Targeted Prevention program. With their rich industry and product expertise, our clinical nurse consultants (CNCs) are by your side, committed to helping you achieve successful, sustainable outcomes in the areas of falls, pressure injuries, mobility and safe patient handling.

  • On-site Clinical Nurse Consultant
  • Customizable
  • Sustainable outcomes


Guaranteed Prevention - Stryker's financial guarantees*

Let us help carry the weight. Ask our experts about our risk-sharing programs for long-term financial investment and how we can help lift the burden off your back.


  • Pressure injuries by 30%
  • Surface rentals by 50%
  • Falls by 50%
  • Linen by 50% 


Prevention 360

The Prevention 360 program is an outcomes-based partnership with Stryker. It provides a comprehensive financial guarantee for your facility helping to reduce falls, pressure injuries, and rentals—all in one package.

An inclusive Stryker experience.


Clinical education

Evidence-based education focused on clinically relevant topics and professional development courses.

Meet our

Clinical Nurse Consultants

Your partners in prevention

A group of professional nurses dedicated to helping caregivers achieve their quality improvement goals, our Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNCs) are your partners in prevention.

Nurses themselves, our CNCs understand the demands you face, and that’s why they are there to help – lending both support and expertise. They are laser-focused on specialty areas that improve patient outcomes including fall prevention, pressure injury reduction, mobility and safe patient handling.

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