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Healing smiles, helping surgeons

Operation Smile believes that every child suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate deserves exceptional surgical care. At Stryker, we believe the same. That’s why we support their efforts to provide critically-needed surgical care for children with cleft conditions in low and middle-income countries.

We support Operation Smile financially, but we’re driven and uniquely positioned to offer more—so that’s what we do. Over time, our partnership with Operation Smile has extended to hands-on training. By supporting the development of medical education and training programs for surgeons and other healthcare professionals, we’re helping Operation Smile multiply their impact, and empowering professionals to hone their skills while increasing surgical capacity in some of the most under-resourced countries.

These surgical training programs are locally focused and provide comprehensive medical education to nurses, residents, surgeons and other members of the surgical team. This means that the healthcare professionals we equip can then equip others, and create a ripple effect worth smiling about—like in the country of Rwanda.

With Stryker’s support, which includes cash and gifts in kind, Operation Smile has been able to deliver the highest quality surgical care to the world’s most marginalized populations and grow its reach to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Making healthcare better is our mission, but it doesn’t belong to us alone. We actively seek partnerships with organizations that align with that mission—like Operation Smile—because making healthcare better often requires a collaborative effort.

For more information on our partnership with Operation Smile visit Smile.Stryker.com